Wash down that cigarette with 2 glasses of wine

If you’re going to smoke, make sure you’ve got a bottle of Napa Valley’s finest next to you. New studies show two glasses of red wine counteract the effects of smoking one cigerette on your heart. But the best part of the article can be found in this statement:

However, smokers have been warned against drinking gallons of red wine in an effort to protect themselves.


A glass with a brain

Riedel (pronounced Ree-dull) — the wine glass with a brain. Skeptic’s scoff at the idea that a glass can change the way a wine is perceived. Many dismiss the idea as hogwash, until they take the side-by-side test. Drink a wine from your typical glass goblet then try it out of the Riedel designed for that specific wine. The majority of people will notice a huge difference, as the aroma and flavors of the wine are accentuated. The Chronicle has an interesting piece on fine stemware, it’s worth a read.