Lawmakers push for doggy bag wine

Two Lawmakers in New York Propose a ‘take out’ law allowing patrons at restaurants to take their unfinished bottle home with them. Wow, I had no idea the state was so strict! So here’s the scenario: You know that bottle of Colgin you really want but can’t find? Go into the restaurant that has it, lay down the cash, let the sommelier open it, then recork and you’re out. The exposure to air will be insignificant enough to keep the bottle in tact, trust me. :o)

Macaroni Grill expands wine selection

Since 1997, there has been a surge in wine consumption at restaurants in the United States, totaling sales of $9.9 billion. With that kind of money being spent, establishments like Macaroni Grill, a chain of Italian Restaurants, have decided to capitalize on the Growth. How? Offer more wines at different price levels to appeal to the ever changing trends and palates of their patrons. Fad diets like the Atkins diet contribute to wine consumption, encouraging it over beer or mixed drinks.

Frank Prial on Champagne and Picnics

Frank Prial from the New York Times knows wine. If you haven’t read an article of his, you are probably living in Antarctica some where. In that case my condolences, try and stay warm.
So, Should you open a nice hundred dollar champagne with a picnic? Frank discusses this in his article.
By the way, if you haven’t gotten a chance to read his book, (which is a collection of his articles for the past couple decades), I highly recommend it.
Buy the book here. Read the article here

French Wineries need Americans

I love the flare CNN adds to wine. This story sums up how important the American market is to the French economy, and how worry of a strong euro, coupled with a small yield in 2003 will cause prices to be seemingly unbearable to the average American wine buyer. Australia and Italy continue to show strong market penetration in this segment. But one thing remains: boycott or not, if the vintage rates strong in the eyes of Parker and Spectator, us Americans will be buying it up.

MJ’s Jesus Juice

Wine out of soda cans. What will Michael Jackson think of next. According to Vanity Fair’s writer Maureen Orth, Jackson regularly drank wine out of a coke can to conceal it, after all, it was good enough for Jesus to drink. But, more than that, he is accused of giving the wine to the teen cancer patient, according to the magazine.

Young Ridge Sued Over Label Plagerism

Images: 1. Shafer’s Hillside Label 2. Young Ridge’s 1st 3.YR’s 2nd label (re-designed)
Two different labels from two different wineries, yet the labels can be confused because of their similarity. Young Ridge clearly looks to have copied Shafer’s ‘Hillside Select’ label for use as their own. The two groups have already gone to court over it, but settled out of court when Young promised a redesign he would let Shafer approve. I guess Shafer didn’t approve of this new one, so there they are, back in court.

Unified Wine Symposium 2004

The 2004 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, the nation’s
largest wine and grape conference and trade show as well as the
largest event hosted by the Sacramento Convention Center, opens
for three days to showcase the wine industry’s latest in science,
technology, business development and industry growth.


Your guide to Sonoma Wine Country

Need a reason to head up to Sonoma instead of Napa? This article from the telegram in Texas gives a few reasons for you to visit. June Naylor visited a few different wineries including: Matanzas Creek (owned by Kendall Jackson), Hartford Family, Jordan, and Chalk Hill. She offers recommendations on places to stay and eat as well. See the very bottom of the page for a summary.

Wine Gaining Popularity with India’s Elite

See, I knew I was cool. Wine is for the stylish, sophisticated, healthy people like me, In Calcutta, India. But, in the nearby city of Mumbi, wine is even more popular, with sometimes more than ten times the sales in Calcutta. The wines of choice for the 30 somethings in this area are from Chile, California, and South Africa, and of course Bordeaux, to name a few.