Take a vacation in wine country

A vacation in Tuscany? But I wouldn’t really know where to go, much less where to stay. Wine Departures is bent on changing that. They are offering 10 all inclusive packages to locations varying from Napa to Paris. The packages include airfare, hotel accommodations, winery tours, and more. The only problem is, they seem to cater to the large touristy wineries, but hey, that’s alright for your first visit in a new place.


Turley vs. Bryant

The Soap Opera between Helen Turley and husband, and the Bryant Family Winery continues. Robert Parker took the stand in the form of a video message, testifying that he advised bryant to hire Philipe Melka as new winemaker for Bryant in October 2002. That was the same time that Bryant fired Turley from her winemaking duties.
Turley vs. Bryant March 9, 2004 Wine Spectator

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March 3, 2004

February 25, 2004

Was Buying Beringer Right for Fosters?

What’s going to happen to Beringer. The troubled end of Foster’s has the new C.E.O. wondering what the right move is with the hurting wine end of his business. Some where the costs of Beringer’s operations needs to be cut. The point is, when you buy a business for over 2 billion dollars, you had better be ready to ride out some time before you receive a return on your investment.

Gender Bias by Waiters

If you were a waiter serving a couple at an upscale restaurant, to whom would you hand the wine list?

Most times, the answer is the man. Even when a woman requests the wine list and orders the bottle, a male sitting at the same table will be offered the first taste, according to wine-industry experts.