Merlot Sucks?

Merlot has always sucked, and now thanks to the movie Sideways, it’s getting slammed even more. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a well crafted merlot time and again, some of my favorites being, Reguschi, Hartwell, and Pride. But it just isn’t one of those wines you go for first at a restaurant or the wine store. This article to the chronicle hopefully will demystify some of the pretentiousness people have against Merlot. (It doesn’t really suck.);o)

Bronco, Napa, and the Supreme Court

What does the word “Napa” on a bottle mean? The debate has reached the U.S. Supreme Court.
In 2000, California passed a “Napa name” law, which declared that a wine using the name “Napa” must contain at least 75 percent Napa County-grown grapes. The law was soon challenged in court by Bronco Wine Co.; it has not yet been enacted.(From SF Gate)

Record harvests in California

California wineries crushed about the same amount of red wine grapes in 2004 as in 2003, but the white wine grape crush fell 7 percent, according to the Preliminary Crush Report released last week by the California Agricultural Statistics Service.

The amount of red wine grapes crushed was the fourth largest in California history, behind 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Franzia introduces Salmon Creek

Ahh yes, Salmon Creek, my favorite wine to order at fine restaurants in the Bay Area, and for only $10! Who am I kidding, I’ve never tried this stuff, don’t know if I ever will, but Fred Franzia from Bronco Wine is at it again. The creator of Two Buck chuck is targeting restaurants by having them sell his Salmon Creek label at $10, a markup of 300% over wholesale. Marketing genius or wishful thinking? Time will tell.