Documentary Mondovino One Sided?

Think Documentaries always show both sides nowadays, and you’re living in the past. “Mondovino” a one sided Documentary on wine try’s to explain why the Mondavi family is the devil and French first growth is always good. After this review from the Chronicle, I’m not to sure if I want to see the film.


Wine Tanker Tanks

You know, you really hate to see things like this. Yesterday a tanker full of wine turned over on highway 12 in Sonoma spilling some 5500 gallons. Clean up crews were hard at work with sponges and bottles but very little could be salvaged.


They’re Back

The Glassy winged Sharpshooters (Homalodisca coagulata) have made an appearance again in California, this time in Napa/Sonoma. These small pests have the ability to wipe out acres of vineyards. When a sharpshooter pierces the woody stem of a vine to feed on the sap, it transmits a deadly bacteria, which in turn causes Pierce’s Disease.


An article on how the attack works: Science Now