High-end wine buyers like it jammy

According to this article by the Chronicle’s Cyril Penn, a study of those willing to spend more than $15 on a bottle of wine wanted it to have big fruit characteristics.

The study involved 307 people who drink wine regularly, who were compared with a subset of 79 “high-end” consumers, who frequently buy red wines priced at more than $15 per bottle.

The study found that the alcohol level was not a factor in wine choice for those polled. This study was hoping to get to the bottom of the hang time factor, and whether or not people care how long the grapes hang, longer hang time equals more fruit higher alcohol, less hang time equals less fruit and less alcohol. The result? Let it hang.
I still have some questions after this survey.
1. Who sets the price point at $15 for high-end wines?
2. What are the statistics of the group polled?
3. When did they want to drink the wine?