Wine Blog Wednesday #10 – White Pinot

Black Mountain Fat CatWine: Black Mountain
2004 Pinot Grigio
“Harlow Heights”
Price: $4.99 U.S.
Notes: A great wine for the price, light yellow color with aromas of pear and apple, a crisp taste on the palate of lemon grass and apple, good body and balance, and a surprisingly long finish with hints of toasty oak.
89pts – JM

This being my first Wine Blog Wednesday, I was a little excited to post my review. After hearing that the theme was going to be White Pinot, I immediately thought a Pinot Grigio would be great, based on availability and price. I headed home, grabbed my wife and told her we needed to plan a meal around this wine. We hit Trader Joe’s that night grabbed the bottle and a couple Niman Ranch Pork Chops. We got our marinade ready, which included apple juice, soy sauce, mustard, (and some other ingredients I don’t remember), and we were set up to grill the following night. The pairing was fantastic, the Apple flavor of the Pork lent itself well to the Pinot Grigio. I was surprised at the after taste of the wine, as it lasted close to a minute, and all from a bottle under $5! I came to work the next day to report my findings, only to look again at the WBW announcement to find I was about two weeks early. Whoops! Guess I need to read a bit more carefully.

This is a great Pinot Grigio, however, I believe it is only available at Trader Joe’s. That being said, looks like I had my second Wine Blog Wednesday Mishap. I am not opposed to shipping out two bottles of this wine to any that are interested and don’t have a Trader Joe’s close by. Email me if you are interested.