The Day for Rose

Although pink wines have long carried a stigma of being sweet, flabby, cheap wine, the day may finally be here for consumers to embrace this style of wine. A recent study by AC Nielson found that in the UK, where the wine is called Ros, growth is 5 times faster than Red or White Wine. Retail stores like Tesco, who saw a 143% jump over the previous year in Rose sales, have noticed the overwhelming response from a younger consumer, one who isn’t afraid to try something new and ignores the bad connotation pink wines have. An internet event, Wine Blogging Wednesday, had pink wines as it’s theme, and received a great response from those who participated. Yes, things are shaping up for Rose.


Another Gadget for Single Rich Wine Drinkers

Here it is, your way of enjoying a variety of wines when you want. It’s like having Vino Venue right in your own home, and all for just under $2000! The unit holds 8 bottles total, with 4 that are hooked up to the dispensing system. Temperature can be split among the two sides, perfect for cool reds and colder whites. Just grab your glass, walk up to the easy to use spigot, and let er’ rip, one glass at a time. No need to re-seal your bottle, you can milk the same four bottles for a month!

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The Botrytis is Coming, The Botrytis is Coming!

The 2001 Chateau d’Yquem Sauternes was released today, and some distributors have already set the price at 330 Euros, or about $397 US. This is quite a jump up from the pricing of the 1999 offering of about $178 US, as it very well should be, receiving rave review from Robert Parker who scored it 100 pts and called it “legendary”.

About Chateau D’Yquem: The only winery to receive the classification “Premier Cru Superieur” or “Great First Growth”, produces it’s wine only in exceptional years, and is highly prized by collectors for it’s longevity, unique flavor, and exceptional quality. Website []

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Location, Location, Location

Wine OriginsNo, I’m not talking about real estate, but wine, and the importance of where it’s from. According to a national survey released by The Center for Wine Origins, 57% of wine consumers said location is the #1 factor in their wine buying decisions. The group plans on kicking off a marketing campaign across the country to promote the importance of location and accurate labeling, and is financed by the European Union, the Comite Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC), the Instituto dos Vinos do Douroe Porto (IVDP), and Fedejerez who represents Sherry producers from Spain. This is a continuation of the recent declaration signed by Wine Groups from around the world to protect their regional names. Looks like somebody wants to make sure you continue to buy their products, and not Semi-Generic name impostors.

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Constellation Prepares to Gobble Vincor

Canadian based Wine Company Vincor, received a hostile takeover bid of US $1.2bn from none other than Constellation Brands. This would add wineries like Kim Crawford, Hogue, Toasted Head, and Kumala to Constellations growing list of Wineries which now includes Robert Mondavi Corp. Hostile takeovers can get nasty as we saw in the software industry with the takeover of Peoplesoft by Oracle Corporation. Looks like we might have another bidding war on our hands:

Vincor has rejected Constellation’s US $1.2bn offer, saying it is ‘inadequate and not in the best interests of shareholders’. Despite calling the approach ‘opportunistic and inadequate’, the Canadian company said it would consider other proposals.

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Grape Radio off to a Good Start

If you haven’t listened to Grape Radio yet, you’re missing out. This interview with Claude Blankiet of Blankiet Estate Winery is a must.
Wired news ran an interesting story on Podcasts, whether or not they’re here to stay, and how this new frontier can be a legitimate business. Grape Radio was featured as a Podcast that is actually making money, namely $1000 a week in Advertising revenue. Not bad, especially considering that Podcasting is so new. Are other Wine Podcasts doing that well? Are Wine Blogs making that much a week? There are some problems advertisers need to consider with Podcasts, like listener statistics that Apple doesn’t share. Grape Radio could be broadcasting to 100 people, or maybe 1,000 people, but the only way they can get any kind of idea is through internal tracking, not with help from Apple.

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Science takes on the Fanleaf Virus

Fan LeafThe virus, which could be affecting up to 1/3 of the vineyards in France, is being confronted by Scientists who have genetically modified the rootstock of 70 Grapevines in an effort to combat the virus. Grapevine Fanleaf Virus, or GVFL, is a virus that can reduce yields by as much as 50% and lower the longevity of the plant. The virus is somewhat noticeable by the discoloration of the leaves once the vine has become infected. The “Frakenstems” are modified to be resistant to the nematodes that transmit the virus. However, not many are excited about the idea of genetically modified vines.

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2005 Bordeaux Already Receiving Rave Reviews

The 2005 harvest in Bordeaux is already receiving praise as being an ideal grape growing year. The weather this year is said to be free from late rainfall, and abundant in warm days and cool nights, allowing for ideal ripening. The 2003 vintage, which fell victim to extremely hot temperatures, has been praised as a fantastic year by Robert Parker and others. Because 2005 had cooler weather, ripening time has been increased, and producers are hoping this will result in better wine over the 2003 season.

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Canned wine landing in South Africa

Canned WineBarokes Wine, an Australian Company, is introducing their canned wine to South Africans with hopes of appealing to a younger generation. The company currently offers 4 varietals, a Chardonnay Semillion, Cabernet Shiraz Merlot, Bubbly Chardonnay Semillion, and a Bubbly Cabernet Shiraz Merlot. I personally don’t think I’ll be drinking my wine out of a can, but hey, if you want to try it, be my guest. Visit Barokes Website [] for more information.

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The Best in the Last 30 Days

Beau started the Meme and tagged Lenn. Lenn tags the Wine Chicks. The Wine Chicks tag Wine Cast, Tim tags Andrew at Spittoon, He spits his game then tags Cam at Appellation Australia, who tags our mate Mike at Shiraz Shiraz, Who whacks me on the back, informing me I’m it. (I wasn’t picked last! Thanks Mike you are now a friend for life.)

So, the best wine I have had in the last 30 days would have to be the 1999 Joseph Phelps Insignia. This bottle was absolutely outstanding and although I have one bottle in the cellar I am reluctant to open, I may have to concede, as I can’t imagine how it can get any better in bottle. The nose is inviting, the palate is explosive, and the tannins have mellowed, leaving this wine in a beautiful state.

Wine: 1999 Joseph Phelps Insignia
Type: Bordeaux Blend
71% Cabernet, 21% Cabernet Franc, 6% Merlot and 1% each Petit Verdot and Malbec
Very aromatic with hints of anise, vanilla, toasty oak, and Blueberry’s. On the palate the fruit flavor is explosive consisting primarily of Blackberries, Mocha, and Vanilla. The finish is long and refined without a trace of harsh tannins. Drink Now!
Score: 97pts JAT

It’s settled then, I am going to have to open the last bottle.

Chas over at Wine Tastings you’re it!