WBW #13 “Like Wine For Chocolate”

Wine Blogging Wednesday # 13, hosted by Chocolate & Zucchini, challenges wine lovers to pair Wine and Chocolate. One of my first experiences with this pairing was a Merlot filled Chocolate truffle from Silverado Vineyards in Napa Valley. The pairing works wonderfully and leaves you craving another taste.

On a more recent experience with the pairing, a Sommelier at Haps restaurant in Pleasanton, CA recommended a tawny port to accompany my wife’s Chocolate souffle. Unfortunately, the 10 year old didn’t have enough backbone to stand up to the rich flavor of the chocolate.

So for WBW #13, I went to Haps again, got the Chocolate Souffle, and I decided to try something a little older, a 20 year old Grahams tawny. A little more expensive, but definitely worth the money. This wine is very good, with a lighter brown color, a nose of hazelnut and caramel, and a smooth taste with a beautiful finish. But would it stand up to the chocolate? I must say, it was good, very good. The sweetness of the wine matched well with the chocolate, neither overpowering the other, and the nuttiness of the tawny added another layer of flavor to the souffle.

Sometimes pairings of wine and food come close and you are satisfied. This one hit the bullseye.

Wine: 20 Year Tawny Port NV
Winery: Grahams
Price: $50 750ml
Notes: Light brown in color, almost with an orange hue, nose of hazelnut and caramel, a rich mouthfeel with notes of Almonds, a nice lingering smooth finish.
Score: 90 JAT