Grape Radio off to a Good Start

If you haven’t listened to Grape Radio yet, you’re missing out. This interview with Claude Blankiet of Blankiet Estate Winery is a must.
Wired news ran an interesting story on Podcasts, whether or not they’re here to stay, and how this new frontier can be a legitimate business. Grape Radio was featured as a Podcast that is actually making money, namely $1000 a week in Advertising revenue. Not bad, especially considering that Podcasting is so new. Are other Wine Podcasts doing that well? Are Wine Blogs making that much a week? There are some problems advertisers need to consider with Podcasts, like listener statistics that Apple doesn’t share. Grape Radio could be broadcasting to 100 people, or maybe 1,000 people, but the only way they can get any kind of idea is through internal tracking, not with help from Apple.

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