The hunt is on!

As arson has been confirmed as the cause of the large fire in a Vallejo wine storage facility last week Wednesday that destroyed 100 million USD in wine, victims and investigators are left asking the question, why? What was the motive behind such a horrible crime? Government officials and investigators continue to peace the story together, but one thing has been clear since day one, it wasn’t chance that caught fire to a wine storage facility with 3 foot thick concrete walls.
Effected wineries include my personal friends Ron Lehrer and Jeff Tamayo, of Lehrer Family and Cana Vineyards respectively. Others from as far as Paso Robles and Napa Valley choose to store their wine in a facility that was thought to be impregnable to such a travesty, and include Whitehall Lane, Thackery Vineyards, Frazier, Long Meadow Ranch, Signerello, Justin, Von Strasser, ZD, Saintsbury, Trey Sabore, Coho Wines, Livingston-Moffett, Domaine La Due, GoldRidge Pinot, and Givich Vineyards. In all, some 90 wineries and 40 collectors were storing wine at Wines Central. These wineries have already placed announcements on their home pages stating that whole allocations have been lost, like this one Givich Vineyards homepage:

We are sorry to announce that due to a fire in our warehouse we are, until further notice, not able to sell any wine. Therefore we also disabled part of our website. Please check back in a couple of weeks to see the status.

So the hunt is on. The disgruntled employee, jealous competitor, insurance scammer, or just down right evil person will be hunted down and brought to justice. Until then, try and support some of the wineries who have been hit, you just may be buying a bottle from a year of limited supply that may transpose into a collectors edition.