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As the population continues to grow, and more and more people become interested in wine, it is becoming more difficult to buy the wine you want. One of the best ways to be assured you’ll receive wine from your favorite producers is to sign up and wait on their mailing list. If you sign up to late, however, it can be a long time before you ever see a bottle. (I’ve been told the waiting list for Colgin is about 8 year’s out now.) Thanks to new premium vineyards coming online, and a great growing season shaping up for 2005, you may be bumped up on some lists in a few years when this vintage is ready to be sold. In 2000 Growers saw the highest yield ever at 3.32 Million tons. This year is shaping up to be about 3.15 million tons, that would be the second biggest yield in California’s history! However, the difference between the two is quality. Since 1998 over 100,000 acres of grapes have been ripped out in the San Joaquin Valley alone, an area that’s known for it’s sub par fruit. That means this years harvest consists of more grapes coming from quality vines in quality regions, the perfect recipe to move up on a waiting list.

Mailing lists I recommend you sign up on?

Herb Lamb Vineyards
: Jennifer and Herb probably don’t need anymore people on their list, but until they close it, get on there!

Hourglass Vineyard: A new winery that has received marks already in their first vintage.

Blankiet Estate
: Doing things the French way, this Turley / Wetlaufer / Abreu project is sure to be great every year.

Harlan Estate: Edit: Pass on this one…

Sloan: Good luck with this one, it’s worth a shot. Made by Bob Levy’s wife, Martha McClellan.

Note: Bob and Martha are planning their own project to debut early 2007 with less than 200 case production, sign up on their website – – Edit: Just released pricing, a little crazy in my book, might be a passer.

Linne Calodo: Probably the best wine from Paso Robles.

Don’t say I never gave you anything.