Hack Wine Spectator with Google Part II

It’s back! I know Wine Spectator will get wind of it soon and fix it, but for now, access to Wine Spectators paid content is available.

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The power of Google’s cache strikes again!
This time instead of using Google News, we use Google’s Cache through search. Here’s how it works.

  1. Go to Wine Spectator’s site.
  2. Click on Articles and Features > Headlines and scroll down to a headline a few days old.
  3. Copy and paste that headline into Google with quotes. (e.g. “A Week in the Rhone: Part 3″)
  4. Click on the Cached link in the top search result
  5. Read!

Here’s a few recent stories:

Note: Looks like there is a two day lag before the stories are viewable on Google’s Cache.

Disclaimer: Again, I am not showing you any illegal hacking here. The problem lies with Wine Spectator and Google, and I am just pointing it out. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon.