In Wall Wine Rack

Wall Wine RackAlthough I’m not crazy about some of the stains available, this thing doesn’t look half bad. Introducing the wooden recessed wine and glass wall storage rack, a.k.a the WeRWeR or Wall Recessed Wine Rack (I added the e’s and made that up, catchy no?). In between most walls you should fine stud spacing at 16″ on center. This handy little storage rack fits nicely in that space, and looks pretty easy to install, simply cut a hole, apply some adhesive, and insert. I would change the color myself, maybe a dark cherry stain, white or black paint, actually whatever my wife wants.

One very important side note not mentioned on the site: If you are going to store wine and not just stemware, you must put it in a darker, cool area of the house, like a closet away from a heater vent. Of course, once it’s in the closet, it kind of loses it’s appeal.

The unit starts at $285 and accommodates other add-ons like locks and mirrored doors.

Visit the website [] for more information or to see other in wall cabinet ideas.