Jess Jackson behind Wine for Men

Ray’s Station is hoping to grab a market segment that marketers have overlooked, burly backwoodsmen. Note to Jess and Friends: There’s a reason no one has targeted these guys. I mean, when they enter the shopping market looking for alcohol, I’m guessing 90% of them have already made up their minds what they want: whatever is on sale, the Bud or Bud Light. Just a guess here, but most backwoodsman that go on weekly fly fishing or deer hunting trips probably aren’t looking to wash down their kills with Cabernet Sauvignon. Yet, that’s exactly what some of the advertising surrounding Ray’s Station is trying to say. Now with Ravenswood sponsoring Nascar maybe there’s enough money being thrown at this market segment to actually provide a return. Or maybe not.

But then again, whether or not I buy a wine is always based on if it tastes good or not, which considering Alexander Valley is the fruit source for Ray’s Station, this stuff might be pretty good, especially at $15 or so. I’ll have to pick up a bottle for market research purposes. (Man I love this blog.)

I also like the folks at Ravenswood Winery in Sonoma, who for years have made “No Wimpy Wines” the mantra for their muscular Zinfandels. Ravenswood just pumped up a bit more by agreeing to be a sponsor of the No. 27 NASCAR Busch Series race car of Brewco Motorsports.

Ravenswood will be the primary sponsor of Brewco’s Ford Fusion car for three races this year, and the Fusion will be painted to look like red wine for those events.

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