NEW – Hacking Wine Spectator: Full Access!

Over the next week or so, everyone will be keenly interested in how the 2005 vintage of Bordeaux is going to turn out. Many are claiming this to be a great year for the region. To keep you up to date on the goings on in that part of the world, Wine Spectator has commissioned James Suckling to update his blog during the festivities in which wine industry professionals from around the world will be partaking. However, since this is a paid part of Wine Spectator’s site, I can’t see it.

Here is a simple hack for you to keep up with the action if you don’t subscribe. This process is inline with the previous method of hacking the site mentioned by Winexpression, but I have discovered that this new method works with every part of the website.

Click here, then click the top link. Easy right?
Here’s how it works:

  1. Navigate to the front page of Wine Spectator and right click on any link you want, then select copy link location (or copy shortcut if using I.E.)
  2. Open a new window or tab, and paste that link into Google
  3. Search for it, and you should get an error that says: Sorry, no information is available for the URL
  4. Right below that it will say: “If the URL is valid, try visiting that web page by clicking on the following link:” Click the link
  5. Voila! You have access to that story!

The only problem is you have to repeat this process for any other page on the site you want to see, you can’t simply click through the hyperlinks on the page. But, if you’re patient, this will work for any page you’re interested in, even videos.

This seems to be a problem with them allowing Google’s cache to index their site, and that opens up some sort of back door. Whatever it is, I’m now up to date on 2005 Bordeaux!

Update: This doesn’t work for Wine Scores, because those aren’t static pages, however, you can navigate to areas like Value wines, and get a list of recent reviews.

Edit: Simply click the link on the right under HACK WS, then click the first direct link to the story from Google.