Zig Zag Bottle Rack

Zig-Zag Wine Rack

Combine recycled paper, a couple compounds that resist moisture, and wine bottles together and what do you get? The Zig-Zag bottle rack. Wilfried from the Oenoline wine blog sluethed out this innovative, environmentally friendly, affordable wine rack. Retails for 3,90 euros or $4.86 US Dollars per 4 bottle sheet.

The “Zig-Zag” bottle rack has a wave like surface with four V-shaped slots at a 90 degree angle which allows horizontal allocation of bottles of all sizes with a diameter of up to 98 mm. Larger bottles such as Magnums can be slotted on the top of the structure. Made to suit different spaces and a design which allows you to pile different units whilst enlarging and/or changing the desired composition both horizontally or vertically. It adapts to everybody’s needs and to all spaces.

Check it out [Vincon.com]