Jason Priestly Owes Me A Check

Boy I’m glad I published my show first, as Jason Priestly and friend have set out to do the exact same show as me: travel the world’s greatest wine regions while conversing with local vintners and wine lovers with hopes of educating viewers about wine. Hollywood and Vines, (could they have come up with a cheesier name? I like 9021Wine way better), premiers tonight in Canada, with distribution in the U.S. and overseas coming soon.

The weekly half-hour documentary series follows Priestley and Mulligan as they trek through some of the globe’s finest wine countries – Mexico, the Napa Valley, Washington state and B.C.’s Okanagan region among them – as well as chat up celebrities about their favourite vino. Among them are Heath Ledger, Sienna Miller, Jack Black and George Clooney.

Their aim, says Priestley, is to show wine isn’t the pretentious pastime many people think it is.

So do I take this to the courts, or just wait for a check? ;)
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