WBW#23 – 2005 Herb Lamb Vineyards EII White Wine

2005 EII White WineIf you haven’t already noticed, Herb Lamb Vineyards is one of my favorite wineries from Napa Valley. This year was exciting because Jennifer and Herb came upon some Sauvignon Blanc, and under the talented hand of David DeSante released the EII White Wine under the 2005 vintage. In a word, this wine is breathtaking. Not overdone, the wine shows a definite balance of flavors from Sauvignon Blancs around the world. Tropical and stone fruit from New Zealand, minerailty from Bordeaux, zesty fruit and hints of Lemon grass from Napa; this wine has it all. You might be offered this wine if you signed up on the waiting list recently, but at only 200 cases produced, it’s going quick.

I chose this wine for Wine Blogging Wednesday, hosted by Joel from Vivi’s Wine Journal, where the challenge this month was to pair wine with the Bar-B-Que, and this white pretty much works with a lot of things you’d throw on the grill. I had this with a lemon and honey marinated chicken breast that we grilled, then tossed in between a focaccia roll. It was delightful.

Wine: 2005 Herb Lamb Vineyards EII White Wine
Varietal: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Alcohol: 13.2%
Score: 96 pts
Price: $24

Side-note: Between my job change (I’m now an Independent Contractor), celebrating my Anniversary, and just being busy, I haven’t had to much time to post lately. (I even missed WBW last month, the first one I’ve missed since I started with WBW #10, because I didn’t have time to search for a low Alcohol wine. Little did I know, most people cheated and had higher ABV levels than recommended, which I could have done at 12.7%.) As I have read on other sites though, trying to post everyday is an early web 2.0 philosophy. At this point, well established blogs have people that aggregate their content, via email or feed, and the blog will continue to retain readers if the content remains high in quality. Hopefully that is the case at Winexpression, but on the same token, I will try to post more often than I have been.


Macbook BoxP.S.S. There’s a new member in the family! (isn’t it ironic that after I bought a superfast blogging, podcasting, do-anything-out-of-the-box computer that my posts became infrequent?)