A Wine You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Wine Cellar SorbetDon’t eat and drive after you’ve had this sorbet. Wine Cellar Sorbet is made from finished wine from California, Oregon and New York, and packs a 5% abv. The brainchild of Bret Birnbaum and David Zablocki, this sorbet comes in varietal specific flavors like Pinot Noir and Riesling, complete with the wine vintage dates on each pint. Do I see a way to make a variation on the good old Ice Cream Soda here?

David first tasted Wine sorbet in Big Sur, CA, where he was a chef, and began making it himself in 2000. Bret loved the product so much, instead of opening a wine bar in New York and incorporating it onto the menu, he pushed to start a company based around wine sorbet. Currently, it is only available at gourmet stores in New York and New Jersey, but they hope to add more locations soon.

Visit the Website here.