The San Francisco Chronicle’s New Wine Editor est Bon

Jon Bonné, of MSN fame, is officially the new editor of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Wine section (announced on October 11th by Jon himself), and has jumped in head first with the front page article: North stars – Washington wines reach for the stratosphere. A nice piece, and a great first effort, but the caliber should come as no surprise to those familiar with Jon’s work. Jon has also been a part of the Wine Blogging revolution, and has offered up a plethora of wine related gems on his site, Amuse-Bouche.

Good things are in store for wine lovers who tap into the expertise of one of the best resources for wine education hidden within a daily newspaper. (Why pay a monthly fee for an online resource that does the same thing?) But let’s not forget the legacy of Linda Murphy, who was able to capture our attention almost every week for the last few years. Her hard work and dedication to wine could be seen in her columns, and that has motivated me to do the same. Jon is probably aware he has some big shoes to fill, but all of us in the blogosphere are pulling for him.

(Note: After reading Jon’s column, make sure you check out Blake Grey’s interview with Ted Allen, who recommends a wine pairing for Popeye’s chicken. You gotta love that!)