WBW#30 Announced: New World Syrah

As my readers are probably aware, I’ve missed 6 or 7 Wine Blogging Wednesday’s since June, so it’s only fitting that the host that started my absence, Tim at Winecast, is the host again as I mark my return.

This is actually a great theme, one that Tim and I seem to see eye to eye on. Rhone wines are amazing, and the New World versions of these wines pay their respects, while offering their own slant on the unique French versions. If you love Syrah or Shiraz, this is a great time to pick up a bottle to enjoy during a cold night. In fact, If any of you dear readers would like to contribute, but don’t have a blog, just put your comments in my WBW#30 Syrah post on February 7th, or email me and we’ll include you in the round-up (the more the merrier!).

For more on: Syrah, visit Wikipedia, WBW visit Lenndevours.com

The WBW#30 announcement is here