WBW#30 2004 Pax Cellars Cuvee Christine & WBW#31 Announcement

Wine Blogging Wednesday Logo(Better late than never?)

I stumbled across Pax Cellars a little over a year ago, when R.P. raved about the 2004 Syrah’s, and I must admit, I usually don’t spend $300 on 5 assorted bottles of wine I haven’t tried, but thanks to Bob, my confidence was there, and I made the purchase. These wines didn’t disappoint, and although expensive, they do offer a pretty good incentive to purchase again, as this wine is well made. The following are my notes on the 2004 Cuvee Christine. Thanks Tim for hosting!

Winery : Pax Cellars
Varietal: 100% Syrah
Price: $50

Notes: A classic California Syrah, this burgundy color wine has a beautiful aroma of Anise, Blackberry, Forest Floor and pepper, with a nice mouth-feel and flavors of Mushroom, Leather, and blackberry notes, medium tannins, and a lingering finish. It’s still young, but has a certain velvet character that allows for drinking now.

Score: 90 pts

WBW #31 Box Wines & Non-Traditional Packaging

WBW #31 Announcement

Finally, an excuse for me to buy box wine. I’ve literally stood in Target in the wine isle, debating whether or not to grab a box for minutes on end, almost picking one up, to find my other hand quickly slapping it away. As an amateur wine writer/reviewer I feel responsible to try new wines, and put prejudice aside, but it’s so hard for me to spend money on wine in cardboard. Well, now I have to, as Roger from Boxwines.org has asked us to broaden our horizons this next month, and only drink wine from a box.

Good God.

Will I live? Check back on March 14th to find out!