2005 Coturri Carignane Testa Vineyards Mendocino County

H Coturri and Sons Carignane Testa Vineyards Mendocino 2005Is it possible to have a tasty Organic wine? The Coturri Family seems to think so, as all of their wines are Certified organic, including the Carignane (pronounce Care- ig- nawn), which was at one time the most planted varietal in the U.S. This wine is actually very delicious, and although I haven’t tasted many Organic wines, this one didn’t taste off or different, which was my experience with some.

The Coturri 2005 is made from 70-year-old vines planted by the Testa family. The vineyards are dry farmed, meaning no irrigation is used. The soils at the Testa Vineyards are a naturally rich sandy loam high in nutrient.

Coturri Winery never uses grapes that have been treated with pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. The Coturri Winery Estate Vineyards are certified by the CCOF.  No SO2—no inoculation with sulfites, yeast cultures, no use of concentrates to boost sweetness, no added water, acids, or other manipulation of the wine.

Price: $20
ABV: 13.5%
Notes: Inky purple, this wine possesses fragrant black fruit notes, with a chewy structure that has lots of blackberry, vanilla, and Raspberry. The finish is pleasant, medium bodied, and lasts 30 seconds +.
Score: 90 pts

Website: www.coturriwinery.com