Cameron Hughes latest values are from down under

Lot 33, 36, 37, 38, and 42 Cameron Hughes surprised his customers late last week, by selling his latest wines online only. The last Lot that was available exclusively at the Danville Costco (Lot 28) sold out in a few days, and left many customers abroad upset. So, to make it fare for all, Lots 33, 38, and 42 are available exclusively online, but not quite at the discounted price the Superstore offers. This distribution has it’s pros and cons, but the biggest problem for me, is that you can’t try the wine first before committing to a case or two.

Following are my notes on the current release, which will hopefully help you avoid any mistakes when ordering. As always, these wines are tasted twice, once upon opening, and a second time with at least an hour or two of decanting. These wines are currently available online at

Lot 33
2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Spring Mountain District, Napa Valley
14.5% ABV
Burgundy color with cherry and blueberry notes, bell pepper and raspberry, a bit acidic and hot. Possibly a bad bottle, but cork didn’t display any signs of leakage or overheating since bottling, and no signs of TCA. Just seemed too acidic and out of balance. 500 cases
Score: n/a Waiting to re-review

Lot 36
2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford, Napa Valley
13.8% ABV
Burgundy red, cloying nose with hints of green bell pepper and tar, a bit acidic, tart finish lacking much structure. Again, no sign of seepage at cork, but seemed overly acidic possibly from excessive heat somewhere in the process. 7,500 cases
Score: n/a Waiting to re-review

Lot 37
2006 Rosé of Garnacha Campo de Borja, Spain
14% ABV
Strawberry both in color and smell, minor post bottle fermentation upon opening, with a touch of glycerin that fades into a more balanced effort after 30 minutes. Decant and serve chilled about 10 minutes out of the fridge. Sealed with a Stelvin. 7,000 cases
Score: 86 Pts

Lot 38
2005 Shiraz Barossa Valley, Australia 100 Year Old Vines
15% ABV
Garnet red in color with a rich nose of blackberry, vanilla, anise, toasty oak, with gobs of fruit on the palate, a medium to full bodied mouthfeel and a rich lingering finish. Very good. (Twist cap used here as well.) 500 cases
Score: 92 pts

Lot 42
2005 Shiraz Barossa Valley, Australia 75 Year Old Vines
14.5% ABV
This beautiful red wine has a nice nose of strawberries, leather, and raspberry that lead into extracted notes of boysenberry and vanilla. A touch of glycerin, this wine is a bit off balance and hot, but that starts to dissipate with aeration. Still a fine effort. Stelvin closure used. 522 cases
Score: 88 pts