Product Review – The Wine Tube

The Wine Tube, an online retailer that sells wine accessories, has introduced the wine tube, a 2 foot long apparatus for storing a case of wine. We got our hands on a press sample and the following is our review.

At first glance, the tube appears to be a simple stainless steel pipe with a few holes drilled through it. During installation however, it’s obvious that some work went into designing this piece. The package comes with 2 king size screws and 2 spacers, which float the rack off the wall just enough to allow bottle clearance. Although the website sells drywall anchors, this rack should definitely be anchored directly into a stud. I mounted mine in the garage to test it first, and loaded it with empty bottles. Even though I managed to fasten it into the studs, it wobbled a bit when adding or removing a bottle. Not a huge concern, but perhaps the design would benefit from a third fastener.

The Wine Tube FullWhen filled with all 12 bottles this modest design exudes a tasteful, modern look, showcasing wine very nicely, especially imaginative labels. Of course, you wouldn’t want to mount it near a window or in the kitchen, but on an accent wall a pair of these would add a great look to any wine lovers home. Save any wax capped or over sized bottles for the cellar as this rack favors a standard bottle. Overall, this is a very nice effort and would make a great gift.

Price: $49 for 1, or $82 for 2.


Shipping to the U.S. and Canada