Tasting Hendricks Gin

Hendricks GinI’ll admit it, I’m not that familiar with Gin. I like it, and I used to order up a Sapphire tonic when dining out, but I just haven’t given it that much thought: until recently. On a recent trip to Idaho, I was introduced to the world of premium Gin’s at a fine little establishment called Bardenay’s. The Gin that is distilled on premises gets 11 different botanicals added to it, and believe me, it’s fantastic. In fact, I spent a good part of the trip trying to buy it. (Idaho’s liquor laws are annoying.)

That little experience opened the door for me to accept an offer to try Hendrick’s Gin as a press Sample. All I can say is WOW! Welcome to another lever. This Gin is fantastic, from the awesome bottle, to the smooth mouth feel and aromatic nose, this spirit has it all. The note included says to enjoy as a Martini or with tonic, but I would recommend first putting a little bit on a spoon, let it touch your lips, and then try to decode the complex nuances found within. In fact, a small amount would work great out of a small wine glass.

Distilled in small batches in Scotland, this Gin is quite unique. The companies website explains the process:

Instead of crudely boiling its ingredients, the Carter-Head “bathes” them in vapours. By keeping our eye on the round windows, we enforce the slowest possible build-up.

This makes an enormous difference in flavour. The more leisurely the distillation, the smoother and more thorough the instillation. This is especially critical when dealing with the peculiar orchestra of botanicals that makes Hendrick’s Gin so extraordinary.

In addition to some standard and proprietary infusions, Henbdrick’s Gin also gets touched with Bulgarian rose petal oils, and cucumber of all things. These subtle additions add a refreshing and pleasant flavor and aroma.

So, there you go. Try it, but only tell a few good friends. If to many people find out about this, we might not have enough for ourselves.

Notes: Hints of juniper, rose petal and cucumber greet and refresh your nose. A smooth mouth feel leads to a lingering finish where a bit of heat can be felt on the back of your palate. Fantastic on it’s own, in a Martini, or with a slice of cucumber and a splash of tonic (I like the Whole Foods organic brand made with cane sugar).
ABV: 44%
A (94- 96 pts)
Price: $30

Website: HendricksGin.com