Resveratrol To Battle Multiple Sclerosis?

That polyphenol that keeps on giving, resveratrol is now being studied as an aid in the fight against MS.

Mice with the MS-like condition called Wallerian degeneration slow (WldS) showed an initial weight gain when given resveratrol, researchers at the University of Utah reported Thursday at the World Congress on Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis, in Montreal.

Weight gain, that’s it? Can’t they just give these mice a gift card to Krispy Kreme and get the same results? Actually, the researchers comment that weight gain is an encouraging sign in MS treatment, especially when it’s from a compound found naturally in grapes and other foods. Dr. John Richert, executive vice president for the research and clinical program of the Multiple Sclerosis Society comments:

“In inflammatory animal models of MS, one of the tell-tale clinical signs of the disease is weight loss. Weight loss often goes hand in hand with loss of neurological function.”

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Poll: What Do You Do With A Corked Wine?

The work week ends, you dig down into your wine collection and pull out a special bottle you’ve been waiting to open. You peel off the foil and breath a sigh of relief when you see that the cork hasn’t been compromised. The first glass is poured, swirled, and …. wait a second. Something isn’t right, this wine smells like cork, cardboard, mold, or a wet basement. Or perhaps it smells fine, but on taking a sip you are overwhelmed with acidity; this thing is tart and undrinkable.

Now what?

What do you do with that wine? I have a feeling that most people do the same thing, dump it and move on. But shouldn’t we do more? If it was an electronic device, wouldn’t you take it back? Maybe most people do take their wines back, but that’s less than convenient if say, the wine was bought while on vacation.

Take the poll, and then let us know how you deal with this situation in the comments section of this post. Inquisitive minds want to know.

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2007 Chateau St. Michelle Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Lately I find myself being a bit more resourceful: driving at lower speeds with cruise control, making my own chicken stock, riding my bike to work, and looking for deals at the grocery store  (among other things). This attitude has permeated my wine purchasing habits, and every now and again I come upon a really good bargain wine that’s under $10 and still tastes great.

This time, that find comes from the oldest wine producer in Washington state, Chateau St. Michelle. The grapes are grown in the Columbia Valley, the largest AVA in the state, and benefit from the warmer climate of the area. This is a great summer wine, very food friendly, and perfect for sipping mid-afternoon. Below are my notes on this wine.

2007 Chateau St. Michelle  Sauvignon Blanc
Columbia Valley, Washington
13% abv

Great find, straw color, loads of fruit on the nose, pineapple and peach, kiwi with a clean mouthfeel with hints of lemon, crisp on the palate, with a nice finish. It’s just good.

Score: 92 pts (A)