Book Review – A Year Of Wine

If you’re a wine lover, you need to read this book.  Tyler Coleman, of, will draw you into his newest book A Year Of Wine within the first few paragraphs.  The introduction outlines the thesis for the chapters to come, highlighting the idea that far more important than terroir, wine context (where, when and with whom the wine is consumed) takes center stage.  Would you enjoy a bottle of prized Bordeaux or Napa Cab after having a fight with your significant other?  Or would a chilled Rose on a warm summer afternoon with friends or family be a better memory?  Yes, wine content plays a significant role in our overall appreciation and consumption of each glass.  So, what should I drink on (blank) occasion with (blank) people when the weather is (blank)?  Which wine should you drink during the Superbowl?  What is your best option out of a box?  How can you manage your wine collection so it’s pleasing all year long? Tyler’s book, A Year Of Wine [] can help you decide.

On a side note,  Dr. Vino has his issues with the Riedel “O” series saying that the fingerprints a person leaves “goobers” up the glass, but I, as a converted Riedel “O” user, enjoy these dishwasher safe, stackable glasses for everyday use. Give them a try.

Winexpression hacked!

Thanks to a security hole in an older version of wordpress, and a hosting company that is slow to provide approved updates, a malicious script installed harmful links in a hidden part of this website. I was able to completely delete all of the malware, and upgrade the site. Just goes to show how important it is to stay on top of these things, especially when using a publicly open platform like wordpress that malicious users have code access to.

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