Cooking With Wine

2005_linne_calodo_nemesisAnyone who watches the Food Network knows that many hosts have advised time and again not to cook with wine you wouldn’t drink out of a glass.  I thought that by now this was a well known fact.  But to my astonishment, while talking to a friend about a spaghetti sauce recipe, they mentioned that they had some cooking wine they could add to it.  NOOOO! was my initial thought.  But then I remembered that they aren’t a wine drinker.  So I kindly mentioned that the wines flavor intensifies when you cook with it, so if it doesn’t taste good on it’s own, it won’t taste good in your food.

I made that spaghetti sauce recipe over the weekend and it turned out great!  We had a 2005 Linne Calodo Nemisis [website] open and I decided to add it to the sauce.  Now by no means do you have to use a 4 year old wine, it’s just what I happened to have open at the time.  But by all means use wine that you enjoy drinking.  And don’t worry about not having any wine left over.  Most recipes only call for a small amount to be added so there will be plenty to share with dinner.

Posted by T.A.P.