Tasting Notes: Dog Food

pate_or_dog_foodNo notes from Winexpression, however, 18 brave souls did belly up to the bar and taste dog food alongside various types of pâté and other ground up meat to see if they could pick it out from the line up. The result? Only 3 of the 18 people that participated were able to correctly identify the dog food.

What does this mean? Is Newman’s own just an incredible product that could be fed to people? Or is it that our palates are not as refined as we would like to think they are?

According to the researchers: 72% rated the dog food as the worst-tasting pâté.

Steven Colbert from Comedy Central’s Colbert Report covers the story, and, let me just say, don’t drink anything while watching because it will end up on your screen.

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Hat tip: Dr.Vino who asks the question, what wine would pair with this dog food?

The full paper from the American Association of Wine Economists, who did the study, can be found here.