Vinut – Wine Cellar Management 2.0

vinut_screenshotLooking for a way to manage your wine cellar online? You might want to check out the just launched, a slick new web application that is easy to use and accessible via your browser from your desktop or smart phone. The site, available in English and German, is the brain child of Joseph Keitgen, a web developer and passionate Shiraz fan from the Ahr Valley in Germany.

Although some of the edges need a little bit of polishing, the function and simplicity of the site make it very user friendly. Vinut also employs some great features like a printable formatted PDF of your cellar, printable labels, CSV exports, and a search engine that matches your wines with all the data on the winery. Another cool feature is the ability to send a text message to the service when you drink a wine to remove it from your drinking cellar, thanks to a unique label and code that you can place on all of your bottles. Not bad.

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