Happy 6 Year Anniversary Winexpression

cabernet_grape_clusterFour score and two thousand one hundred and eleven days ago, this wine blog first graced the world with it’s presence. In a lack luster post with minimal verbiage and a link that now points to a broken page, the blog set a standard that it has continued to uphold down to today.

This site still remains a hobby for myself, and as a means to inform my friends of wine news, values, and the occasional rare find. Are there better wine bloggers out there with more dedication, a better grasp of grammatical syntacticationality, and more time on their hands? You betcha! But, that doesn’t mean I’m throwing in the keyboard or slowing down. On the contrary, I believe this medium is constantly developing and I plan on progressing with it.

Here’s to another 6 years.

P.S. For actually making it to the end of that rant, you are automatically entered in our free book drawing! Just leave a comment below (anything really, a :) smiley is fine) and you’re in. Six winner’s will be selected on Tuesday morning, September 1, and you can pick any book below (first come first served, the first winner will be able to choose from any book, the second will be down whatever the first person choose, and so on)I’ll update this post Updated with a more extensive list of books to choose from:

Wine For Dummies (For Dummies (Cooking))

The Wine Bible

A Year in Wine

Passion for Pinot: A Journey Through America’s Pinot Noir Country

The Billionaire’s Vinegar: The Mystery of the World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine


A Life Uncorked

Noble Rot: A Bordeaux Wine Revolution

The Emperor of Wine: The Rise of Robert M. Parker, Jr., and the Reign of American Taste (P.S.)

Wine Spectator’s Ultimate Guide to Buying Wine, Eighth Edition

The Science of Wine

The Concise Wine Guide

The Sommelier’s Guide to Wine: A Primer for Selecting, Serving, and Savoring Wine (Sommelier’s Guide to Wine: Everything You Need to Know for Selecting)


One entry per person please. Open to U.S. residents only. No entries after Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM PST will be accepted. The winner’s will be announced Tuesday, randomly chosen posts from the comments section of this page! Once the first winner makes their selection, that book will no longer be available from the list, and subsequent winners will have a smaller selection to choose from. Some links may be pointing at the wrong edition of the book, but for the most part, I believe we are pretty accurate.

Update: Comments are closed! The winners will be announced today and notified via email.

Video: Louis Roederer A LA RECHERCHE DE L’OEUVRE

Champagne Louis RoedererEver wonder how all the Cristal poured on the ground in rap videos was made? Take 1637 seconds and find out!

From the seemingly menial tasks in the vineyard throughout the year, to the selection of the lots that make it into the final blends, this film documentary is a well produced look at one of the most influential wine estates in the world, and the process it has established to produce it’s prized fluid.

The film was produced by TAC Creative on behalf of Maison Louis Roederer.

Watch it here. [dailymotion.com]

Fred Franzia Dominates The Wine Business

down_under_by_crane_lakeSnuggling close to selling half a billion bottles of Charles Shaw, 66 year old Fred Franzia has got his right foot on the gas and isn’t braking for anything.  He’s a determined man with a simple yet unpopular approach to the wine business: sell an ocean of wine at a price people laugh at.

Guess what? It’s working.

Snobs can come up with a gazillion reason’s for you to avoid Franzia’s wine’s, but, much like there assertion of his quality, they just aren’t that good. There is nothing wrong with opening a bottle of wine that costs less per gallon than most people pay for bottled water, and sipping it to contentment. A few extra digits in the online statement is a welcome site for most wine lovers today.

Which brings me to the article that prompted this post, found here [abc.com], and the review I’ve been meaning to post on a wine from Australia under the Crane Lake label of Bronco Wines, Franzia’s Company. This wine was sent to me as a press sample, and after tasting it, I picked up a case at my local Trader Joe’s. (I took a picture of the display in the store, but I got scolded by internal watch, so I won’t post that for fear of legal ramifications.) Note that in no way do I benefit from sales of this wine, just a recommendation for people that would like a nice summer wine, which, brings me to a little change in my standard review language. Below are two styles of reviews, one, the normal format found here at Winexpression, and two, the seemingly more fitting review style I envision Fred using when he tells people about his wines.


Wine: 2008 Down Under by Crane Lake South Eastern Australia Chardonnay
Price: $2.99 Suggested Retail
Alcohol: 12.5 % ABV
Notes: Light straw in color, stone fruit, mineral, apple on the nose with a crisp well balanced palatte and zesty finish.  Lightly buttery and food friendly.
Score: B+ 88 pts


2008 Down Under South Eastern Australia Chardonnay
This great tasting Chardonnay is a nice way to travel to Australia without flying, boating, or swimming, and an excellent way to cool off on a toasty summer afternoon.

Update: The makers of Australia’s most identifiable bottle of wine, Yellow Tail, are suing over the Down Under label. Dr.Vino has the skinny.