6 Year Anniversary Contest Winners Announced

After the fantastically fair method of choosing my favorite people to give books to, I have decided on our winners!

Actually, that isn’t how it happened. To keep it fair, I printed everyone’s name onto a sheet of 8×11.5, cut small evenly spaced rectangles out, dropped them upside down in an empty cardboard cup, added some cream and sugar, and had a workmate reach in and pull out the winners:

1. Kimmers

2. Jenny T.

3. Zimmerwoman

4. Les E.

5. Jeff S.

6. Marisa

Congrats to all! I’ll be sending you an email with the list of books to choose from as it dwindles down.

Hopefully you will find these books just as educational and entertaining as Winexpression. One of my favorite’s is Hugh Johnson’s A Life Uncorked.  Pieces of his passion helped me appreciate the tales and emotions that are included in every glass. Passion for Pinot is a great coffee table book, with awesome photography provided by the senior sharpshooter on the project, Bob Holmes. Bob is one of those guys that delivers fantastic captures while not being over the top. His composition, attention to detail, and fantastic understanding of the medium makes each page he contributed to a pleasure to gaze at, and for longer than you planned. And of course, my fellow blogger and amigo, Dr.Vino, offers a great piece of work with his latest book A Year of Wine.

If you didn’t win (basically if you’re a loser) and you would still like one of these books, clicking on the link above gives me credit for your purchase and I can continue to pay the enormous hosting fee required to keep this top tiered website running and feed my starving children all at the same time!

Thanks again to everyone for all of your comments! I guess I’ll have to find those notches Emeril is always talking about and kick it up to one of them.