Review: Milagro Reposado and 1800 Select Silver 100 proof

What makes for a delicious tequila? Is it the complexity, smoothness, or its mix-ability? Certainly all of these are factors, and a well crafted example will excel in these areas. But is there something more? Does the taste take you away, perhaps connecting you with a cherished memory? Is the lingering flavor on your tongue something you want to return to? This is the goal of every drink manufacturer, to harness your neural senses and begin brand loyalty.

Personally, I feel that tequila can have a place amongst the single malts and Cognacs of the world. Who would think that a lowly cactus from a humble country could produce a high quality spirit? It is possible, and some brands hit these high marks. I was recently sent a couple different tequilas, let’s see how they fare. Continue reading