Farmstead Cheeses and Wines

I love the personal attention you get when you walk into a small wine shop. You end up talking to very knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate people. That’s something you don’t really get when you shop at larger chain stores. I missed that for the last year or so, as I’ve been sent a lot of press samples and purchased my wine mainly from Trader Joe’s or Costco, which do provide good values, but do lack what I just described.

I just dropped into a store I’ve been meaning to visit for some time now in Alameda, Farmstead Cheeses and Wines. With a selection of more than 300 different wines and 150 different cheeses, you are bound to discover something you like. They carry everything from Sauternes and Assorted Vinegar’s to trophy wines and rare finds. With Craig’s help, I picked up a Pinot from Napa for $10 that normally sells for $37 in restaurants from a little known winery with virtually no distribution. Not bad.

Here’s to a first class wine purchasing experience.

Note: Check out their website, a ton of information and some well written posts.