Final Thoughts

This will be my final post, so it’s a doozy. Scroll all the way down the page to see each portion.

Touring Bronco Wine Co.

I got the chance to see where Charles Shaw is bottled and shipped from in Napa. Here are the highlights:

Fred Franzia is a simple man. He drives from his home in the Central Valley to Napa in an old truck with a ton of miles. He calls his workers a “hell of an asset”. He has delivered more than 500 million CASES of two buck chuck through one distribution channel, Trader Joe’s.
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Winexpression to Close

I must fly away to another flowerAfter almost 8 years, I have decided that my Wine Blogging journey has come to an end. Thanks to all the readers, PR staff, and fellow wine bloggers that supported me through this journey. I have a few posts to finish up and will explain a bit more, but basically this forum has run it’s course in my life and I am ready to move on. I have valued the feedback I have received and thank you all for your support. Stay tuned for a few more posts with the most valuable wine lessons I’ve learned, tips for wine bloggers, and some final reviews and notes from recent tastings I have attended.



How Much Does Wine Actually Cost?

What are the costs in producing a bottle of wine?
What are the costs in producing a bottle of wine?
What are the costs in producing a bottle of wine?

This inforgraphic reveals the actual cost of the materials used to make a bottle of wine, but fails to take into account everything else, like the overhead of the winery including building/office cost, staff salaries and benefits, marketing, distribution mark up, taxes, and so on. However, it does reveal how all these years Continue reading

Winners Announced for Week of September 20th Contest

Congratulations to Ciara and Naomi! I’ll be emailing both of you with a list of books you can choose from.
Now how can you win this week?

The Contest

Just leave a comment below with your favorite type of music or a specific song you like to listen to when you drink wine.

The Rules

One entry per person please. Comments will be closed after October 4th, and a winner will be chosen at random and announced next week.

Paris Now Offers Carbonated And Chilled Water Fountains

Will the “Fizzy Fountain” take off in America? Probably not until food coloring and high fructose corn syrup are added. Nevertheless, this is a great idea that gets people to use refillable water bottles as opposed to wasting money and resources on the plastic alternative. This will cut down on the 4.5 million barrels of oil it takes each year to make the plastic water bottles purchased in Paris alone.

Bing Crosby’s Wine Cellar Preserves 1960 World Series Film

Image copyright Bing Crosby Enterprises
Bing Crosby at a game

Ahh the wine cellar, perfect for storing vintage films lost to time, or so the Bill Crosby estate executors found out when game 7 of the 1960 world series between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Yankees was discovered perfectly preserved inside the San Francisco residence.

After Crosby viewed the 2-hour-36-minute game, probably in a screening room in the house, the films took their place in the vault, said Robert Bader, vice president for marketing and production for Bing Crosby Enterprises.

They remained there undisturbed until December, when Bader was culling videotapes of Crosby’s TV specials for a DVD release — part of the estate’s goal of resurrecting his body of work.

He spotted two reels lying horizontally in gray canisters labeled “1960 World Series.” They were stacked close to the ceiling with home movies and sports instructional films. An hour or so later, he found three others on other shelves. Intrigued, he screened the 16-millimeter film on a projector. It was Game 7, called by the Yankees’ Mel Allen and the Pirates’ Bob Prince — the complete NBC broadcast. The film had not degraded and has been transferred to DVD.

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Single Serve Wine Glasses – Coming to the USA

Single Serve Wine Glasses
Would you buy wine packaged like this?

The glasses, actually recyclable plastic, come pre-filled with 187ml (6.3-ounces) of Shiraz, Chardonnay or rose and have a peel-off foil lid. They cost £2.25 each ($3.37), which makes them more expensive than buying the same wine by the bottle (four glasses add up to £9, whereas the bottle is £4.50).

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Copa Di Vino Image
Copa Di Vino Photo

[Edit] : Reader Meghan H writes: I recently had a single serve wine in Washington at the Gorge Amphitheatre and it was really good!  I had to look it up, and I found your website on my way there.  It’s called Copa Di Vino  This product is really, really cool.  The glass is a little different, but is a lot more stable than the UK version looks- you could set it on a table and not worry at all!  I think they’re from Oregon, you should check it out.  (also recyclable)

Thanks for the tip Meghan! Please see photo.

What the API Release Means for Consumers

IMG 011It was announced today that has released it’s API, which is the framework that allows third party websites to link to it’s extensive online database. This means that some wine related website’s will choose to incorporate information from into their site, allowing for more extensive information to be delivered directly to the end user. Think of what Google maps has done for the internet. There are an untold number of implementations of Google’s API on a hoard of different website’s. is hoping to do the same thing.

But how many people actually buy wine through online retailers? According to a 2008 study by Vinquest:

U.S. wineries seem to think they sold about 2% of their wine through online wine retailers in 2007. Total sales through this channel were likely in the $200 to $400 million range for 2007

Not much when you look at the overall picture. There is definitely a lot of room for growth in the area. But is this what the average wine consumer wants? Or is it easier just to pick up a bottle from the local merchant or megamart and not have to wait or worry about shipping?

So far it seems the public has spoken.